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Your Life,
Your Journey!

For Community Owners…

Elevate your business with UNIVERZ.  Seamlessly maintain solid relationships and build member loyalty while effortlessly engaging with a dynamic community of new members, driving your business’s growth.

Streamline your communication and payment requests from one intuitive dashboard at preferential payment terms. Provide your customers with a dedicated app experience without a significant investment.

Join today and unlock the potential for customer growth and enhanced member engagement!  Let’s elevate your business together.

Effortlessly oversee your community through a unified management platform. Keep your members informed and engaged in a dedicated app.

Say goodbye to the hassle of complex payment links. Easily handle membership fees, ticket purchases, and more directly within in-app messages or posts.

Craft your personalized app hub: Provide benefits and discounts through a personalised virtual community membership card.

For Event Venues…

Large event venues and organizers often face challenges in providing a fully customer-centric experience, from pre-sales to after-sales. Successful customer engagement hinges on delivering such an experience.

Our solution helps your venue or festival create a one-of-a-kind customer community. We help you engage with your audience by providing tailored experiences that boost customer engagement and revenue for you and your partners.

Our platform allows your venue to deliver an exceptional customer experience, setting you apart from competitors.

Shift from impersonal social media to authentic conversations with your segmented fanbase, enhancing relevance and expanding your channel and reach.

With our digital ordering system, you can serve more and faster. Let your crowd enjoy the show, not the queue for food, beverages, and merchandise in any concession setup.

Boost your sales by meeting specific needs at the perfect time and place. Create tailored customer experiences, inclusion, aftersales, and aftercare.

UNIVERZ is your portal to a realm of elevated member interactions. By seamlessly integrating tailored engagement features, we’re reshaping how individuals connect with their social surroundings, whether in leisure, sports, residential, professional, or family-related communities.”

It’s your ultimate community user app, payment solution, and member acquisition ally in one.

Start fostering meaningful relationships.