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Meet The Team

Our management team is a powerhouse of expertise. Our CEO’s 27 years of experience in Senior Executive roles in Retail Banking and a successful track record in the execution of successful digital applications and platforms drive our company forward. 

The extensive knowledge of our CCO, an experienced Financial Audit Consultant and Business Development Executive, ensures strategic growth and effective partnerships. 

Our CTO, with Financial Services expertise, leads our technology division, excelling in Application Development, Cyber Security, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. Together, our team is primed to guide our startup to unparalleled success.

Our advisory board

We are proud to have a highly esteemed Advisory Board of three industry experts who bring invaluable expertise to our business. With this diverse and experienced team, we have the expertise to steer our company towards remarkable success and achieve stakeholders’ objectives.

Our marketing leadership expert has a wealth of experience developing and implementing successful marketing strategies that drive growth and customer acquisition to position our product and capture market share effectively. 

Our legal counsel and regulatory compliance expert ensure we navigate the complex legal landscape, adhere to all necessary regulations, safeguard our business from potential risks and liabilities, and operate with the highest legal and ethical compliance standards.